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Rwanda’s Corrupt: Its Men, Young and ONLY “Small Fish”

James Musoni, Dr Isaac Munyakazi, Bishop Tom Rwagasana, Paul Muvunyi, Theoneste Mutsindashyaka and Pudence Rubingisa

Five men are in custody for allegedly withholding the food meant for the vulnerable in their localities. The food was a central government scheme to feed the poorest during the COVID-19 lockdown. All of the men are village leaders from different areas.

Wanga amahoro mukebo,ukikorera amaherere mu nkangara!!!

Uganda: SPY organisation in trouble!!!


An investigation by an American human rights organization, the International relief and Human rights initiative (IRHRI) concluded that Benjamin Rutabana was arrested on his arrival in Uganda by the CMI, the military intelligence service responsible for him. Reportedly held incommunicado since then. IRHRI has decided to file a complaint with a judge.

Mwese murabicanyi,abishe Kizito Mihigo,ninabo bashimuse Ben Rutabana!??

Hon.Diane Rwigara,turasaba ko utubwira itandukanirizo ry’ubwicanyi bukorerwa abarokotse jenoside yakorewe abatutsi 1994,n’ubwicanyi barimo gukorerwa ubu!!!


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