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Emancipation Of Women


In the last week, we have witnessed a conversation about the place of women in our society that has done us an injustice.

It all started with some remarks at the “WOMEN DELIVER 2019 CONFERENCE ” by President Akufo-Addo. In his contribution to the conference, the President said, amongst other things, that “I am talking about dynamism where it matters– electing people to Parliament, controlling political parties because they are the instruments by which our societies make decisions”. He was encouraging women to be more involved.

Surviving Okrika ban in Rwanda & the Ethiopian Teff war

In Rwanda, if your surname is not Rwigara, you could be pardoned for saying that Paul Kagame is a good man. According to the council for the promotion of endorsed ruiners, Kagame’s Rwanda is a success story. So successful that last year it welcomed 1.3 million visitors, one of the highest to any African country with each tourist paying roughly $1,300 to see the country’s tourist potentials. That desire to visit sustained 900,000 jobs.

Banenge itirora!!!

Amakuru imaze iminsi itohoza kuri Dr.David himbara utuye muri Canada.Nyuma yo kubona inyandiko yinkuru isebya umunyapolitike Hon.Umwali shima Diane Rwigara,twagize amatsiko yo gushakisha kumenya imibereho ya Dr.David Himbara wigaragaje cyane mu nyandiko isebanya nk’umuntu ugendera akanabuha umuco nyarwanda.

Gen.Abel Kandiho’s traumatized Rwandan authourities

OPINION: Rwanda’s Rants on CMI Only Imply Uganda Has its Grip on Security

The truth naked

Open Letter to My Uncle in Rwanda

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