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Mbaramukanyije urukumbuzi mbifuriza umwaka mushya muhire wa 2015. Nimucyo dushimire Imana yadufashije gusoza umwaka wa 2014, twifatanye kandi n’abawugizemo ibyago n’umubabaro bose. Uyu Mwaka dutangiye wa 2015 uzababere umwaka w’amahoro, ubumwe n’urukundo ku banyarwanda bose n’incuti zabo.

Iran Declares: Our Soldiers are on Israel’s Borders!

Iran is spreading its tentacles throughout the Middle East and appears to have gained a physical presence on Israel’s northern border as well as in Judea and Samaria. 

Israel is livid about the pending PA bid at the UN Security Council and should consider responding with force to dismantle the PA, says Israeli Minister Steinitz.

PA leader Abbas welcomes to Ramallah Palestinian terrorists released from Israeli prison in October 2013. (Photo: Issam Rimawi/FLASH90)

Dear Friend,

The people of Israel are thankful that the UN Security Council rejected the Palestinians’ one-sided bid for a state. The resolution completely ignored Israel’s legitimate rights and security concerns.

WATCH: The Mothers Who Brought Unity to Israel

The families of the three young victims of terror, together with the Gesher organization and Mayor Nir Barkat, have established the Jerusalem Unity Prize. 



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