Daily Archives: February 4, 2015

Islamic State ‘evil must be defeated’ – Jordan

King Abdullah was greeted by supporters as he returned to Jordan after a trip to the US.

Will Jordan lead ISIL to the ‘gates of hell’?.

The Jordanian government must shift its stance on ISIL from containment to confrontation.

Sperm whales target fishing boats for an easy meal.

It shows a sperm whale using its long jaw to create tension on the line, which in turn snaps fish off the hooks. This feeding behaviour is called depredation and experts think it is learned by the whales.

Intambara y’ubutita iratutumba mu Rwagasabo

Kubera amaco y’inda,Mussa Fazil ati “Kagame akwiye manda ya gatatu”

Dashcam captures moment TransAsia plane hits bridge, crashes in Taipei.

Dash-cam video captures crashing plane 01:17

(CNN)Dramatic dashboard video shows the moment an out-of-control plane clips an aerial highway before crashing into a river in Taiwan.

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