Daily Archives: February 8, 2015

Rwandamura intumwa ya satani mu Rwanda.

Itohoza: Ese koko Abatasi b’i Roma bari kuneka imisengere ya UCC iyobowe na Rwandamura?

Mu itohoza twakoze hari amakuru avuga ko Kiliziya Gaturika y’i Roma kwa Papa Francis I yaba iri kuneka imisengere y’amatorero ya Gikristo hano mu Rwanda.

Ukraine crisis: ‘Last chance’ for peace says Hollande.

The US is considering providing the Ukrainian forces with defensive weapons

Mr Hollande and Mrs Merkel visited Kiev and Moscow earlier this week, in what appeared to be a speedily arranged visit to discuss the peace proposal.

Detectives bank on CCTV footage as probe into George Muchai’s murder begins.

Country’s top detective says he is yet to receive the clip.

Detectives investigating the gangland-style shooting of Kabete MP George Muchai are pinning their hopes on footage from surveillance cameras on Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, to help them identify the killers.

Shock, grief and pain as Kabete MP George Muchai and three aides murdered at dawn By Cyrus Ombati .

The gunman who pulled the trigger and killed Kabete MP George Muchai in the wee hours of Saturday struck with precision at the Uhuru Highway – Kenyatta Avenue roundabout.

The MP, his driver and two bodyguards were murdered in cold blood on their way home from a city restaurant situated in the Westlands area on Waiyaki Way.

Jews in Turkey: Unending Discrimination.

The Jewish homes in Israel are not an obstacle to peace. The only obstacle to peace is the hatred of Israel’s neighbors.

Many of us in other countries in the Middle East see Israel as the only light of freedom and democracy in the midst of darkness, terrorism and hatred in the region.

The concept of real freedom and democracy seems foreign to anti-Semites. From here, it looks as if many of these self-proclaimed liberals have a self-congratulatory concept of what is right and wrong as closed-minded, un-free and un-democratic as that of the most rigid tyrant.

When people show solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas, or with those who jail, try or flog people for free speech, it just further proves Israel’s rightfulness and legitimacy.

You would defend yourself against incoming rockets; why shouldn’t they? Israel has nothing to apologize for.

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