Daily Archives: February 9, 2015

Can supersonic dreams survive the global warming age?

The wings of the Aerion as2 concept business jet are designed to reduce air friction at supersonic speeds

When Concorde swooshed across the Atlantic at supersonic speeds of 1,350mph (2,170km/h), you could fly from London to New York in under four hours.

The baby that divided a nation.

As 2015 began, a boy was born in Hungary – the country’s first baby of the year. But his family who are Roma, or Gypsy as they prefer to be known, found themselves at the centre of a national debate about racism.

Egyptian football suspended after deadly Cairo stampede.

Egypt’s public prosecutor orders inquiry after 40 killed and dozens hurt in chaos at football stadium in capital.

Putin seeks to expand influence with Egypt visit.

Experts say trip designed to show that Russian president, a key backer of Sisi, is not isolated amid Ukraine crisis.

ISIS recruiter, once freed from Gitmo by U.S., killed in drone strike in Afghanistan.

Mullah Abdul Rauf, a former Taliban commander and Gitmo detainee turned ISIS recruiter, was killed Monday in a drone strike, officials said.

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