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Greece crisis: Eurozone set for vital loan talks.

Eurozone finance ministers are preparing for a vital third meeting, in Brussels, to try to solve the crisis over Greece’s bail-out.

Greece has put forward a proposal for a six-month extension of its Eurozone loan programme instead of renewing its existing bailout deal, which comes with harsh austerity measures.

UK jets intercept Russian aircraft near British airspace.

(CNN)Two UK Royal Air Force jets intercepted a pair of Russian aircraft flying near British airspace this week, the British Defence Ministry said Thursday, marking the latest in what NATO has said is an increase in Russian military flights near alliance members’ territory.

Shalom from Jerusalem,

I am writing to invite you to enroll to my new Live Online course:
Exploring the Land of the Hebrew Bible
In this exciting new course you will study ten well-known Bible stories, with which you are likely already familiar. But rather than merely reading these stories closely, we will focus on the crucial role that history and geography play in each narrative. As a licensed Israel tour guide who lives in Jerusalem, I am confident that this course goes beyond mere facts found in books. It will include many insights drawn from the field, from someone who actually lives in and travels extensively throughout the land of the Bible.The central assumption of this course is that the inner and outer layers of meaning cannot be separated. The outer layer – history and geography – does matter.
  • Why didn’t Jonah obey the Lord’s calling?
  • Why did the battle between David and Goliath take place in the valley of Elah?
  • What path did Abram use to enter the Land of Canaan?
  • Why did Joshua fight his first battle in Jericho after entering the Land?

The answers lie in the geography of the Holy Land


Enroll today to this exciting course and you will breathe new life into familiar Bible stories that you thought you understood fully.


Yours,Jonathan Lipnick
Associate professor at eTeacherGroup


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