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Online Hebrew Course, Special Offer for Israel’s Independence Day

On April 23rd Israel celebrated 67 years since the Israeli declaration of independence in 1948 and we want you to be part of the celebrations! 
Register this week and enjoy our special Independence Day Discount

Take this opportunity to invest in yourself and your family by learning Hebrew. Deepen your connection to your roots and to Israel and bring the Hebrew language into your home.
Hurry up and enjoy eTeacher’s Independence Day Offer before it expires!



Details of planned massive Hamas attack emerge; Vetoed due to fear of IDF mega-retaliation

IDFFearing severe retaliation from the IDF, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal vetoed a massive terror attack last year that would have killed hundreds and involved large-scale civilian abductions.

US Refuses to Condemn Iran Aggression at Sea

Iran blatantly breached international maritime conventions by raiding a cargo ship and forcing it to an Iranian port, but the US refuses to condemn Tehran for the aggression as it aims to reach a nuclear deal by June 30.

Manusura waendelea kutafutwa Nepal

Makundi ya uokoaji yamefanya kazi usiku kucha nchini Nepal, kwa matumaini ya kupata manusura zaidi wakiwa hai, baada ya mkasa wa tetemeko baya la ardhi lililokumba taifa hilo siku ya Jumamosi.

Indonesia executions: Australia recalls ambassador

Australia has recalled its ambassador from Indonesia after two Australian men were executed for drug smuggling

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