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Muri milliyari (7.5);z’abatuye Isi mu bihugu 196,,Uwiteka afitemo abakiranutsi batarenga millioni (1);gusa!

Uhereye kumwaka w’imanza z’Uwiteka zatangiye kuwa 01st mutarama 2013,ubu hakaba hashize imyaka ibiri n’amezi atanu imanza z’Uwiteka zigucibwa mu itorero rya Kristo,nibwo ijambo ry’Uwiteka ryanjeho .

North Korea cancels UN chief Ban Ki-moon’s visit

North Korea has abruptly cancelled UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s visit one day before he was due to arrive.

The US has charged six Chinese citizens with stealing secrets from tech companies

A federal grand jury has charged six Chinese citizens, including two professors, with economic espionage and the theft of trade secrets from two US tech companies.

Alleged prostitute sentenced to 6 years in Google exec’s death aboard yacht

Cops: Call girl's ex died from overdose

Cops: Call girl’s ex died from overdose 02:29

Story highlights

  • Alix Tichelman pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter, other charges in the death of Forrest Timothy Hayes
  • Hayes was found dead in November 2013 aboard his yacht after Tichelman gave him an injection of heroin
  • Tichelman initially pleaded not guilty to a charge of voluntary manslaughter

“The Bible is an inspiring book. However, we don’t want merely to admire it, we need to understand it”.

“Only after taking the Biblical Hebrew course I understood that the majority of people who rely on the Bible don’t understand what it says exactly.Such understanding is crucial to every believer. I realized that now, after studying Biblical Hebrew, I have priceless access to the Scriptures very words. I feel like I
have discovered a lost book

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