Daily Archives: July 6, 2015

History Buffs Re-Enact Epic Holy Land Crusader Battle

Fans of history convened from around the world in northern Israel to re-enact an epic Battle of the Crusades between the Roman Catholic Church and the Muslims.  

Palestinian Arsonists Suspected in Jerusalem Area Fires

Palestinian arsonists are suspected of exploiting the hot Israeli summer weather to start forest fires as a form of terror. 

US Will Remain Enemy Regardless of Nuclear Talks Outcome, Says Iranian General

Iranian Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said that no agreement between his country and the P5+1 could erase Iran’s hatred towards the US.  

Abacuruzi b’i kigali,bari mu kaga gakomeye!

Amakuru aturuka I Kigali umurwa mukuru w’urwagasabo,agera ku inyangeNewss,aravuga yuko,leta y’umwakagara yamaze gusoroza miliyoni 810 zamanyarwanda ikuye mu bacuruzi kugirango haboneke ingwate ya Gen.KK.

Shalom Friend,

As we speak, a very bad nuclear deal with Iran is about to become a tragic reality.Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that “what’s coming out of the nuclear talks in Vienna is not a breakthrough, it’s a breakdown.”

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