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Israelis Left and Right Agree: The Iran Nuclear Deal is a Disaster

Israeli leaders from across the political spectrum condemned the Iranian nuclear agreement, which will only delay Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon, while contributing to terrorism in the Middle East by ending sanctions and the international arms embargo, giving Iran billions of dollars to fund global terror.

WATCH: The World is a More Dangerous Place Today

Israelis are united in opposing the nuclear deal with Iran. Across the political spectrum, the citizens of Israel agree with PM Netanyahu that overnight the world has become a much more dangerous place

Israel: Security Asset for the United States by Shoshana Bryen July 16, 2015 at 5:00 am

  • More important than planning for combat is planning for the strengthening of democracies.

  • We cannot make democracies out of Iraq or Libya or Syria, but when democratic countries are united, the world becomes a safer place for all.
  • In a volatile region so vital to the U.S., where other states cannot be relied upon, it would be foolish to disengage — or denigrate — an ally such as Israel. The war against terrorists and the states that harbor and support them will be long and hard, and success will depend in no small measure on the allies who stand with us and with whom we stand.

Why the Jews Are the Canary in the Coal Mine by J. P. Golbert July 15, 2015 at 5:00 am


Many academics and intellectuals seem attracted to totalitarian ideologies: fascism, Communism, Che Guevara, “Cuba si, Yanqui no.” There seems to be an admiration today for the “Palestinian” cause, and tireless apologetics for Islam in the face of spreading jihad. The awe and solicitude shown Iranian President Ahmadinejad when he spoke at Columbia University should cause one to wonder why the leader of a regime in which death penalties are a daily occurrence — a regime that massacres its own people and threatens another state with genocide — should be accorded such solicitude at a major American university.

Iminsi (40) yo guca igihanga umuhanuzi Majeshi Leon!

Umutambyi nta bwo ashobora gucibwa igihanga atari iyeresalemu,dore uburyo satani yarwanije umurimo w’Uwiteka Imana uhereye mbere na mbere yuko umuhanuzi Majeshi Leon,atangira gukora umurimo yahamagariwe n’Uwiwteka Imana uhereye muri 2002.

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