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Abategarugori,basabye kuyobora umuryango wabibumbye!

Amakuru aturuka mu muryango wabibumbye,aravuga yuko,umuhuza bikorwa by’uwo muryango bwana Ban-Ki-moon,igihe cye cyo kuyobora uwo muryango yaba acyuye igihe.Byibukwe yuko ayoboye uwo muryango ibihembwe (2) umuryango wabibumbye!

ACT NOW! Urge the US Congress to Reject the Iran Deal

In what Prime Minister Netanyahu called a “stunning historical mistake,” world powers including the US signed a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran. The deal now goes to Congress for approval and it’s up to your representatives to decide whether or not to validate the deal. Call your Senators and Congressmen and urge them to reject the deal!

WATCH: Netanyahu ‘Sparring Match’ with Britain Over Nuclear Deal

Prime Minister Netanyahu and British Foreign Secretary Hammond had a joint meeting in Jerusalem that turned into a sparring match over the nuclear deal with Iran. Guess who got the last word?

The NGO Campaign to Destroy Israel by Denis MacEoin July 17, 2015 at 5:00 am

  • When an NGO receives a sizeable portion of its budget from governments, it is no longer a non-governmental organization. And when such funding to NGOs is provided by allied states such as the U.S. or the UK, or international unions such as the EU, it constitutes disproportionate interference by external governments in the internal affairs of another democratic state.
  • “NGOs are meant to represent civil society, not the interests of foreign governments. Israeli NGOs that receive foreign government funding benefit from the misleading image of being ‘non-governmental,’ non-political, and based in ‘civil society'” — NGO Monitor.
  • NGO Monitor research reveals that a number of funders made their grants conditional on the NGO obtaining a minimum number of negative “testimonies.” It should be clear that a wide range of church organizations, human rights NGOs, and a number of European governments are engaged in an extremely one-sided enterprise to bring about the defamation and destruction of the Jewish state. All of these NGOs have much the same political agenda of defaming, pressuring and undermining Israel; and using human rights issues to promote a steadily negative view of the country, its government, its laws, and its defence forces.
  • Many never criticize the Palestinian Authority or Hamas, nor do they turn their attentions to the desperate state of human rights in states such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia and Lebanon, among others. NGOs are being well paid to urge total changes in the constitutions of other nations, and in the total abolition of another nation’s right to exist at all. No other country in the world would stand for it; why should Israel?

Israeli Gadget Blooms Your Hydroponic Garden

Put the Flux device in the water reservoir to monitor the delicate water chemistry and give you automated alerts about what needs adjusting.


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