Daily Archives: August 14, 2015

U Bushinwa: Umuriro uracyagurumana

Abasirikare b’inzobere bari gupima ibijyanye na gaze ihumanya kandi abakora ibikorwa by’ubutabazi basabwe kwambara imyenda ibarinda.

Jewish Organizations Slam Obama’s ‘Dark, Nasty’ Remarks that Approach Anti-Semitism

White House officials, including the president, have adopted language in the debate over the Iran deal that many Jews find objectionable and offensive.

WATCH: Why is Iran So Happy About the Nuclear Deal?

In just 60 seconds, discover why Iran’s leaders are so ecstatic about the nuclear deal. A dream come true for Iran, a nightmare for America, Israel and the entire free world.

WATCH: The Obama Legacy – A World on Fire?

Take a tour of the dire state of the Middle East and the proliferation of terror around the world, with a focus on how things have developed since President Obama took power.

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