Monthly Archives: October 2015

British Lawmaker: Israel Fabricates Terror Attacks to ‘Execute’ Palestinians

pewing lies and hatred, a British lawmaker claimed Israel is executing Palestinians and lamented the alleged Jewish influence in British politics.

WATCH: Kerry Holds Israel Equally Responsible for Palestinian Terror

The Obama administration continues to use moral equivalency in holding both Israel and the Palestinian Authority equally responsible for the wave of terror that is being encouraged by Palestinian leadership incitement.

What Turkey’s Elections Will NOT Change by Burak Bekdil

Davutoglu said that there is a “360 degree difference” between the Islam he defends and the Islam that the Islamic State defends. A confession? Since in elementary mathematics two things that are 360 degrees from each other means they are on the exact same position.

Turkey: Kurds Threatened Before Election by Uzay Bulut

The pro-government newspaper Sabah claimed that dragging dead bodies in the streets was “routine practice” around the world, a security measure to check if the body was booby-trapped.

WATCH: Is Palestinian Terror Really About Land? Or Something Much Deeper…

In an appearance on the Kelly File on Fox News, Brooke Goldstein exposes the true nature of Arab incitement and terrorism against Jews, proving the conflict has nothing to do with land or the Temple Mount.

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