Daily Archives: October 28, 2015

WATCH: Is Palestinian Terror Really About Land? Or Something Much Deeper…

In an appearance on the Kelly File on Fox News, Brooke Goldstein exposes the true nature of Arab incitement and terrorism against Jews, proving the conflict has nothing to do with land or the Temple Mount.

Saudi Prince: I Side with Israel – Not the Palestinians

Taking into account regional upheaval and changes throughout the Middle East, billionaire Saudi prince al-Waleed bin Talal says his country should work with Israel to contend with the Iranian threat. Significantly, and rare for a Saudi to admit in public, he emphasized that if the Palestinians launch another uprising, he will side with Israel.

Intambara mu ba Repubulike igiye kuvuza ubuhuha!

Amakuru agera ku kinyamakuru inyangeNewss.com,aturuka mu banyapolitike bo mu bwoko bw’Abarepublike,aravuga ko hagiye kwanduka intambara ikomeye ishingiye ku nzego z’ubutasi hagati ya RNC na FPR.Amakuru aturuka mu banyamuryango biyo mitwe ya politike nyarwanda aravuga yuko umutwe wa politike utavuga rumwe na leta y’umwakagara RNC ngo bamaze gufata icyemezo cyo guhangana n’intasi z’umwakagara.

WATCH: The Palestinian Mother Who Loves Death More than Her Own Children

Watch the mother of a Palestinian terrorist killed while attacking Israelis celebrate her own son’s death. She pulls out a knife and pledges to continue his evil legacy.

20,000 Israelis Sue Facebook for Refusal to Block Online Incitement of Terror

Fighting terrorism on all fronts, thousands of Israelis have joined a class-action lawsuit against Facebook for serving as a platform for Palestinian incitement to terrorism and hatred.

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