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The City of Light Goes Dark by Denis MacEoin

  • The targets in all the Paris attacks were not chosen “randomly.” Charlie Hebdostood for the Enlightenment value of free speech, for the right to challenge, even to make fun of figures who deem themselves above criticism: politicians, religious leaders, the rich and famous. It stood for the right to be secular: for refusing to fence off religion, or award believers greater respect than non-believers.

  • Like the attempts to shut down all criticism of Islam — whether in novels such as Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, cartoons such as those of Muhammad drawn and published in Denmark, or debates between academics — the Charlie Hebdo killings were intended to instil fear and silence all honest discussion of Islam and its values.

The EU’s Embarrassing Little Secret in Labeling Israeli Products by Malcolm Lowe

  • The EU alleges that the “Interpretive Notice” has nothing to do with a boycott of Israel, and the U.S. has officially concurred in that assessment. The EU says the Interpretive Notice merely responds to “a demand for clarity from consumers, economic operators and national authorities.” But this is disingenuous.

  • There is a long list of separatist movements in the EU, some demanding independence, others demanding greater autonomy. It is easy to imagine that some Jews in Israel have corresponding sympathies with such movements and “demands for clarity” about the products of the respective European states. Surely some Israeli Jews would like to buy Scotch whisky only from the few firms that are still in Scottish hands. How can Israelis’ right to know fairly be denied? Israel is entitled to request that Europeans label their products accordingly.

Fake Protests by Jagdish N. Singh

  • When no one is out there to protect freedom and democracy, groups masquerading as democratic forces move in to serve the designs of their masters.
  • Anyone questioning the authorities’ interpretation of Islam is dealt with in a barbaric fashion, from the 2am “knock on the door” to sham trials, public floggings, protracted imprisonment, rape, beatings, torture and extrajudicial murder. In some countries, the lawyers who represent such clients are also murdered.

Turkey Destroys Kurdistan, World Silent by Uzay Bulut

The Kurdish town of Cizre in Turkey was indiscriminately bombarded by Turkish security forces in September. Many homes were heavily damaged or destroyed. Photographic evidence shows many buildings and vehicles in the town riddled with bullet holes.If Kurds left their homes, they would be shot. If they stayed in their homes, they would be bombed.

Just how to Make A Theoretical Framework to get a Research-Paper

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