Daily Archives: November 9, 2023

Igice cya (263) cy’Ubuhanuzi

8 Nov,2023 The rhema word comes from heaven unto me, and told me that man of living God of heaven; there’s a group of people re-grouping divided into two people are after you. After publishing (4) versions of the prophesies of the God’s Judgements in the world, and «Roman Catholic Church Emperor» they got worried so much, and they decided to find away that they can assassinate you because of God’s ministries you’re doing, be strengthened, watchful, courageous, and carefully, because your enemies are in ambush against the King of peace Kigeli Ndoli thus is how your Lord God of heaven says.  

Igice cya (262) cy’Ubuhanuzi

6 Nov,2023 ijambo ry’Uhoraho Uwiteka Imana Nyiringabo rikomeza kunzaho cyane,maze rirambwira riti,politike yo muigihugu cy’Ibabyloni igiye gusubira inyuma itangire bundi bushya ‹scale zero› kuko umwuka w’ikinyoma cyaho wamaze gucirwaho iteka uko niko Uhoraho Nyiringabo avuga.

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