RWANDA/U.S.: Hearing in the US congress on Diane Rwigara’s ongoing bogus court case that is taking place in Kigali.

You have to ask yourself this simple question: Why does Kagame brag about Rwanda having the highest women of parliamentarian women in the world? The answer is equally simple—it’s those women who accept to be Kagame’s puppets; it’s those women who, in reality don’t represent the residents of their pricincts. Those weak women parliamentarians represent nobody but Kagame’s personal interests.

Here’s one brave woman, Diane Rwigara who is ACTUALLY speaking for the people of Rwanda, who is leading, but Kagame is harassing her because he’s scared of her and her popularity.

Kagame did (is still doing) the same to Mrs Victoire Ingabire. After jailing her for close to a decade, Kagame then lied that she’s “released” only to declare soon after that she’s “conditionally released” from closed door prison to open air prison that Rwanda has become under Kagame’s totalitarian regime.

To this day Victoire Ingabire has not been allowed to visit her family living in the Netherlands and has essentially been shut down from public speaking.

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