No one can compromise your justice in God’s judgement in this world


29 Mar,2024 Dr. Martin Luther King removed from the filed numbers N° 33,060/0002/0024 of the second death of eternal life. His name and judgement was compromised by Roman Catholic Church Emperor that’s why God replaced his name from the second death of eternal life by another person who’s a member of RCCE.

It wasn’t mistaken of RCCE, rather they did by intentionally to utilize his name and took advantages from his death and used his popularity as someone who have been honored by the world to established their business Churches in the name of Dr. Martin Luther.

RCCE considered him like as their member, yet he wasn’t. But according canon laws of the RCCE, since and then Lutheran Church accepted to go back to join RCCE, it was big betrayal against Dr. Martin Luther King foundation and his faith when he got out of RCCE after realizing that there are not serving the Lord God of heaven, rather they serving the devil.

After one month I made judgement against Roman Catholic Church Emperor, again my father God of heaven, talked to me and told me that I have to remove Dr. Martin Luther King from second death of eternal life. Because he was a good man and righteousness among of the African America citizen in the world.

I wake up and take a look about his judgement, and found that his judgement was compromised by RCCE. They numbered him as a saint, but he wasn’t a saint of RCCE, yet themselves they planned how he will be killed, because of jealousy he was a greater man from African American community.

The rhema word of God ordered me to clear his name from filed numbers N° 33,060/0002/0024 of second death of eternal life, and remove him because he wasn’t a member of hell of eternal life, rather he was a member of heaven and eternal life. I took journey to get out my home to find a cyber where there’s internet so that I can edit and clear his name as my father of heaven ordered me.

I replaced his name to another person who’s also a member of RCCE. In this regards no one will be compromised because of the human’s errors in God’s Judgement in this world.

Note that he was received God’s Justice positively in previously judgement.

NB: if you find your name in God’s judgement negatively taken place in this world, and you’re sure that your innocent person, then feel free to contact me, and provides me evidence that your innocent person, then I’ll take a look and if heaven court does not support your appeal nothing will help you.

Majeshi Leon Ainesha

Chief Justice of the world.

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