WATCH: Brutal Terror Attack in Jerusalem Leaves Two Jews Dead as Arab Onlooker Sips His Soda

Watch a clip from the brutal terror attack in Jerusalem that killed 2 Jews and left a young mother fighting for her life, as an Arab nearby watched the action while continuing to sip his soda.

AnaconndaIsrael is exploding with Palestinian terror, with innocent Jewish blood flowing in the streets.

In this video, you can hear the Jewish mother crying out after a terrorist attacked her and her baby, and murdered her husband.

A man who tried to assist the family was also murdered, leaving his 7 children without their father.

At 15 seconds into the video, you can see a Jewish man in a white shirt being stabbed. At 48 seconds, you hear the first shots ring out. Just a second later, an Arab onlooker takes a sip from his can of soda, appearing to enjoy the murder he had just witnessed. We live in a sick world…


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