WATCH: Palestinian ‘Beast’ Stuns Israel with Utmost Savagery, Appears to Arise Twice from ‘Dead’

Watch a shocking, savage Jerusalem terror attack in which a Palestinian rammed his car into a crowd and then attacked his victims with an axe. He appears to have risen twice from the dead.

Not even a Hollywood movie could represent the shocking violence that took place with this attack. One person, a Rabbi was murdered and two are in critical condition.

The terrorist appears to have been shot down to the ground twice, each time rising up to attack more Jews. Finally, after being shot a third time he rises no more.

This video makes a very strong case for shooting terrorists dead right away, as many in Israel have been calling for.

How could any human being commit such a crime? This terrorist is not human – he is a beast. The world must see the enemy that Israel faces.

WARNING: This footage is not for the faint-hearted.

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