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Sex Slaves, Beheadings and Twitter Terrorism One Month of Islam in Europe: June 2015 by Soeren Kern.

  • “If European countries accept a wave of migrants, there will be terrorists among them. … By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate the Islamic State’s expansion to Europe.” — Czech President Miloš Zeman.

  • “We are committed to being active participants in our society, but it has to be on Islam’s terms, without compromising our own principles and values. Democracy is antithetical to Islam… The way forward for Muslims in Denmark is to resist the anti-Islamic integration policy and the aggressive foreign policy pursued by successive governments in this country.” — Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

WATCH: The Obama – Netanyahu Feud is Very Real.

The relationship between President Obama and PM Netanyahu seems to have deteriorated to a new low. The current feud is very real – and is mainly about American prestige vs. Israeli survival.

Kerry: Support Iran Deal, Don’t Screw the Ayatollah!

Secretary of State Kerry made several eye-brow-raising remarks in defense of the Iran nuclear deal, claiming the agreement is “as pro-Israel as it gets” and that Congress should be careful not to “screw” the Islamic leader.

Senator Chuck Schumer Opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal

After intense pressure from a wide spectrum of pro-Israel individuals and organizations including United with Israel, NY Senator Chuck Schumer announced that he will vote against the Iranian nuclear deal. He believes the deal will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and encourages its destructive activities in the region.


08th Aug 2015 Njyanwa mu iyerekwa,mbona Nyir’uRwanda Kigeli V Ndahindurwa,yatumiwe mu nama mu gihugu kimwe cy’Africa y’uburasira zuba.Yari yaje guhura nabari bamutumiye mu nama kugirango bamusabe kwitegura gusubira ku ngoma yahoranye mbere yuko yirukanwa n’abazungu.

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